Ssilicone secret Strapless Seamless Push Up Silicone Self Adhesive Reusable Padded Invisible Bra


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  • Do not use alcohol, bleach or other cleaning solutions. Hold the cups under a running tap and use the palm of your hand to clean the cups in a circular motion. Do not machine wash or soak in water. Do not use your fingernails or brush to scratch the surface as this can permanently damage the adhesive. Shake of excess water and air dry. Do not use a towel or machine to dry. Once dried, cover with lid to prevent dust and fibres to settle on the adhesive and affect its effectiveness.
  • Please order at least one or two sizes up.Attention Please: To Choose the most appropriate size in DESCRIPTION PART**If you can not find your size in the DESCRIPTION PART, this silicone bra maybe not suitable for you!! Cup A : 70A(32A) 70B(32B) 75A(34A) 80A(36A),Cup B : 70C(32C) 75B(34B) 80B(36B) 85A(38A),Cup C : 85B(38B) 75C(34C) 80C(36C) 70D(32D),Cup D : 85C(38C) 75D(34D) 80D(36D) 85D(38D),Cup E: 34E(75E) 40B(90B) 40C(90C) 40D(90D)
  • Adjustable strap design to gather the breasts and make you sexier. Backless and strapless,push up and better match with wedding dress and evening dresses.Biological gel provides stronger stickiness and prevent from dropping.
  • Product is durable and reusable if cared for properly. Do not recommend for hot temperatures or under great pressure. The self adhesive element of the bra regenerates itself after each wash, however like all products, the self adhesive does not last forever. If you use the special mild detergent for sticky cleaning, it can be used about 5 times. If you take good care of them, you can use them for months.For hygenic reasons, this product is non returnable.
  • Do not use on sensitive, damaged skin (open cuts, skin disorders, sun damaged or burnt) or if you suffer from colour depigmentation. Discontinue use immediately if you develop a rash or other reactions and consult your doctor.
Size Chart
70A(32A):Bust(78-82cm);Under bust(68-72cm)75A(34A): Bust(83-87cm); Under bust(73-77cm)80A(36A): Bust(88-92cm); Under bust(78-82cm)85A(38A): Bust(93-97cm); Under bust(83-87cm)
70B(32B: Bust (80-84cm); Under bust (68-72cm) 75B(34B): Bust (85-89cm); Under bust(73-77cm)80B(36B): Bust(90-94cm); Under bust(78-82cm)85B(38B): Bust(95-99cm); Under bust(83-87cm)
70C(32C): Bust (83-87cm); Under bust (68-72cm)75C(34C): Bust (88-92cm); Under bust (73-77cm)80C(36C): Bust (93-97cm); Under bust (78-82cm)85C(38C): Bust (98-102cm); Under bust (83-87cm)70D(32D): Bust (85-89cm); Under bust (68-72cm)75D(34D): Bust (90-94cm); Under bust (73-77cm)80D(36D): Bust (95-99cm); Under bust (78-82cm)85D(38D): Bust (100-104cm); Under bust (83-87cm)

Cup A:70A(32A)70B(32B)75A(34A)80A(36A)
Cup B : 70C(32C)75B(34B)80B(36B)85A(38A)
Cup C : 85B(38B)75C(34C)80C(36C)70D(32D)
Cup D : 85C(38C)75D(34D)80D(36D)85D(38D
Cup E: 34E(75E)40B(90B)40C(90C)40D(90D))
Cup F:36E(80E)38E(85E)42C(95C)42D(95D)How to wear nubra properly to achieve cleavage:
1.Stand in front of the mirror. Place one cup at a time. Flip the cup outward while holding the bra cup by its edges. Position the cup so that the clasp is at the bottom while the outer edge of the cup is positioned upwards. Apply the cup to the bottom of your breasts first, then lift your breasts upwards while you apply the cup to get a lifted, perkier shape. Smooth the edges firmly to the breast.
2.For a fuller cleavage, there should be a distance of at least 6 – 8 cm (2 1/2 to 3 inches) between the clasps of each cup before closing, the further the distance between the cups, the better the result.
3.Connect the clasps in the middle by sliding the right side down the top of the left side. To enable the clasps to slide close, you need to position the clasps at a 90 degree angle. Once the right clasp is slid all the way down, flip the clasp out till you hear a “click”. Press each cup firmly to secure the hold.


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